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“Synopsis” Music Video Clip

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Check out my Slide Show!

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The Beginning: Wide Awake and Dreaming

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Opposite The Satellite~ This is not just simply what we do. This is what courses through our veins and sees though our eyes. As we stand here opposite the satellites, we wonder, can anyone really even see at all? We are interested in music, in politics, and in people. Quite possibly to satisfy our own thirst for interaction, we are interested in relating to anyone who appreciates the simple and benevolent nature of life, anyone who feels, anyone who is confused, anyone who is trying, anyone who relates to more than just their own pinpoint in time, anyone who tries to see, and anyone who questions authority: Breaking the rules for the greater good is the highest level of moral reasoning.
~Dreaming Of A Revolution~      

     You feel it with every fiber of your being. Deep within your heart and mind, you have been aware of it ever since you can remember. Without knowledge of the exact moment it became so prevalent in your life, you realize it must have always been. It certainly feels as though this has been and always will be a very important part of you. Like a brilliant flame, deep within the center of  awareness, it reminds you that you are here for something special, something more. No matter whether you someday happen to forget its warmth, or you simply wander away feeling it necessary to escape the overwhelming chaos that life so generously gives so often, you will be reminded once again by the brilliance and eternal warmth as to which way you truly want to go. Your passions, your hopes and dreams, and your intentions,  combined with your deep knowledge of purpose in this life, will remind you of the impossibility of settling for anything less than your wildest dreams.

Maybe we are stubborn, or maybe we have reached the point in the progress of life on earth where evolution has progressed beyond survival. Perhaps evolution is now the progress of the soul, the process of self-awareness, and a matter of pure consciousness. In truth, we are unable, the moment we realize the true essence of our eternal selves,  to neglect our passions and our needs to nurture and create and hope to live happy, fulfilling lives. It is this very need to nurture and create that is responsible for the universal language which shares the evolutionary message with who is actually listening.   As a matter of fact, I hold all artists, musicians especially, accountable for lighting the path and leading the way for all the misfits, nerds, freaks, and trouble makers towards realizing our God-given ability to think for ourselves, and to question authority. If it were not for the inspiration through music and art of all forms that has been discovered throughout the years by the “Frankensteins” of the world, the human race as we know it today would have never come to be. Evolution at it’s best would most likely have been annihilated by the few who control’s the majority of the world’s wealth. Freedom would have become a word lost to us all. Stripped from our vocabularies the concept of freedom stolen from within the vulnerability of the young and pure. Truth be told, those fortunate enough to have stumbled upon the eternal and catch a glimpse beyond boundaries into the realm of possibilities are never able to fully regress into the slumber from which we have long since begun to awake from. The creator within the created is now awake and because of the artists the creator has a voice.

Opposite The Satellite was born.

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